Ever since the Camaro was re-released in 2010, it has taken the automotive world by storm. And for those lucky enough to actually own one, the number one thing you want to do is take great care of it, especially the paint job. Now there are several ways to accomplish this easily, but one of the best ways is to invest in a quality car cover. Now, most people don’t think that camaro car covers indoor are necessary for protecting a vehicle and they may have a valid argument. But I’m sure that the majority of those who doesn’t think it’s that big a deal are the same drivers who park their cars in a nice big garage. For drivers who don’t have the luxury of owning a garage, a car cover is the next best thing that can protect your Camaro from the elements while it’s parked outside. We all how the elements can damage a car. Rain, snow and the sun can all cause some sort of damage on your Camaro and that’s the last thing you want to happen. So if you think about it that way, the small amount of money it takes to purchase a cover is definitely worth it. To further explain the importance and the overall purpose of a car cover, let me give you some important details. First of all, a lot of people I talk to who are interested in covers say to me “Well, I would like to get one, but I don’t want to risk having the cover scratch the paint on my Camaro.” Well, maybe decades ago having covers that scratch the paint job was a concern, but there days the material used in covers are much more advanced and will not scratch up the paint job. And for those who will feel better knowing exactly how to place a cover on their car and take it off, they can simple go to video websites like YouTube and check out other users demonstrating how to properly apply a cover to your Camaro. And if you’re totally new to covers, we suggest you get an all weather cover. These may be a little more expensive depending on what auto shop you buy it from but it’s definitely worth the extra few dollars, because it will help protect your vehicle from any of the weather elements.

Also, think about this, one of the most irritating things about water getting on your car is the awful watermarks that are left behind once the water dries. And depending on what color Camaro you have, those little marks will can really stand out and be seen easily. But, if you have a car cover on your car overnight while it’s raining, than the cover would protect your vehicle from any water that otherwise would end up on the car, eliminating the need to figure out a way to continuously get rid of water marks. If you live in an area where acid rain falls periodically, having a cover is especially vital because it will prevent the acid rain from basically destroying the car’s paint job. Also in case you’re wondering, covers made these days are made from material that is breathable to avoid steam buildup from under the cover. And lastly one of the benefits of owning a cover is that it protects your vehicle from dangerous ultra violet rays. As car owners, we know how bad sun rays can be in regards to the paint on a vehicle. Rays can end up making your car’s paint fade overtime. So be sure to fully protect your Camaro by getting a cover for it today! Classic muscle cars are so mischievously fun. The cars of the past including the Camaro convertible are great to drive and own. The competition with the mustang has been a great rival. The mustang was made first so they had a head start. The camaro has caught up in style and design.

Camaro Convertibles Can Hold Their Own

Camaro convertibles are unique in design. They stood up against the Mustang and held their own. Car enthusiasts everywhere appreciate a fine looking Camaro with or without the top. The convertible cost more and is a heavier car. The colors can be chosen to match the car or to contrast.

The Sexy Camaro Convertibles

In 1967, the Camaro convertible was chosen to pace the Indy 500. This gave the car a sexy new image. The fans that were die hard for Camaros certainly loved it. Chevrolet continued its commitment to building a fast, sporty car with the Z/28 Sport Coupe.


The Camaro SS convertible had several different distinct exterior features, including a bumblebee stripe on the front end, fender script, and SS emblem on the black grille. The version had a 350 V-8 and four-speed transmission. Wow, what a fast car! The 1969 Camaro convertible was the last of the first-generation Camaros and is a favorite among enthusiasts. This RS/SS is a show winner that boasts a 350 L48 engine and four-speed transmission. If you are ever so lucky to find a Camaro convertible that has been preserved or reworked, you truly have found a prize. Old Camaro convertibles are hard to find as many like to fix them up and drop new motors in them. Bring back the good ole days! An old Camaro convertible is a wonderful value.If you love the 1969 Camaro, you might be interested in a new site that Atkin Internet Enterprises has just launched, this site is designed to help people with their 1969 Camaro, form restoration tips and tricks, to locating parts, form the aftermarket, or nos. The idea behind this site is to give the diehard owners of 1969 camaros a place to go on the net to help them get their questions answered, and get their cars on the road, Atkin Internet Enterprises loves the 1969 Camaro, and we’ll do all we can to help you with your car. David C. Atkin says that the 1969 Camaro was one of Chevrolet’s rare moments of clarity and should be remembered for time and all eternity, we feel that by giving people a place to discuss their 1969 Camaro we can help this cause, the 1969 Camaro became the most popular year ever built for a reason. We feel that the 1969 cameras and the owners of them need help with their cars, and we’re more than willing to help all we can, to us there has never been a more exciting muscle car built at any time in the history of the automotive industry. Our new website offers a blog and forums to help you in your quest for knowledge about the 1969 Camaro, we try to cover most models o that were built, including the Yenko Camaro, the ZL1 Camaro, and many more, we are excited to help, so please check it out at 69isfine.com we think that you’ll like it.

If your on a quest to gain knowledge about your 1969 Camaro, there is no better place to start, we don’t charge for this service, it’s our way of giving back, for all that the Camaro has done for us, don’t you owe yourself the opportunity to learn more about your car. Now is the time to heighten your knowledge about the 1969 Camaro, if your restoring one this could be just what you’ve been looking for, if your thinking of buying one, we discuss how to decode rpo numbers, in numbers, engine casting numbers, and date codes. We try to cover all the hot topics about the 1969 Camaro, in hopes of helping you get the best deal on your car that you possibly can, if you know just a few simple things, you can save yourself a world of problems when buying your 1969 Camaro. We’d love you to have the best experience that you can when buying or restoring your 1969 Camaro, and we’ll do what we can to help you with it. If it rains then the acid eats at the car’s paintwork. If it snows, it freezes over, and the brakes get ruined. If it hails, the exterior gets scratched. If it’s sunny, the UV rays fade the finish. If it’s windy, the car gets knocked and scratched. Whatever the weather, you just don’t seem to win. Practically, it is usually not feasible to store your car in a garage. Aside from the huge expense of building one, where do you have space for one? So you need to find another plan that will help you keep your car looking good, and healthy, even though all the weather conditions. What you need is a Noah cover from Covercraft. You must have heard of Covercraft; it is famous for providing the public with high-quality car covers. Noah is a special of there as it is an all-weather-cover. The Noah cover is three-layered, made from bi-component fibers. Working from out to in first is a layer of polypropylene, that is soft, yet uv resistant. Next comes a layer of micro-porous film that enables the cover to be breathable. Last, is a tough nylon core, woven together with polypropylene. Together these three layers make the cover completely weather proof.

As stated, the cover is breathable. This gives the car a chance to sweat, without it becoming steamed up and moldy. The cover can also be put on whilst the car is still damp, as air and moisture are allowed out through the material, and away from the car. This does not in any way compromise on the high level of waterproofing. Having three layers ensures that the cover is sturdy enough to cushion and shield the car from any types of bashes it may get that will scratch and or dent the exterior. It will also be more durable and resist any rips and tears. Noah is compact and easy to use. When the cover is not in use, it can be folded up nice and neatly, in the corner of the trunk, without being too bulky and space consuming. This way, you can take it with you wherever you travel, and always have the protection you need. There is elastic on the front and rear of the cover so that it is easy for you to put on and take off. Noah can be hand washed when it gets dirty and will resist the growth of any mildew or rot, so it can even be folded away whilst still damp. All of these make Noah a practical, easy-to-use cover. Noah comes in the custom size, so it will fit your car like the glove. The cover will be nice and snug against the car, maximizing the protection you give it.

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